Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Cats are better than Dogs

Cats don’t eat the Mailman. Have you ever seen a “BEWARE OF CAT” sign!

Cats smell better. Nothing is better smelling than a fresh licked cat.

Cats don’t poop all over the yard. Yes, cleaning the litter box is a chore, but it’s a better chore than cleaning up after the Dog!

You don’t have to walk the cat a million times a day if you live in an apartment. Walking the dog is stupid, especially if it’s “Big man, little dog.”

Cats don’t bark at the Moon all night, nor bark at everyone who walks by the house. Cats might meow a bit, but that’s only because they are hungry or want a little attention. Dogs are just noisy.

Cats don’t need to see the Groomer every two weeks for a wash and trim. You can keep you Poodle and spend your own fortune keeping it trimmed.

You don’t see cat owners hauling 55 pounds bags of kibble from the store every two weeks! Even the biggest house cat only wants a cup or so of chow a day.

Cats entertain themselves. They chase their bitsy balls by themselves and it‘s fun to watch them chase imaginary bugs up the wall. They don’t need you to play fetch with them for hours on end.

You can cuddle with a cat easier than you can with a lot of dogs. Have you every tried to cuddle a Bull Mastiff on you lap? You’ll need a new lap when you try that trick.

Cats purr, and, purring calms your soul. Purring is nice, purring is soothing, purring is purr-fect. Cats make nice sounds, dogs don’t. Try to purr dog, just try!

Cats will bring you presents that they catch themselves. How about a nice little mouse or a little bird? Dog’s need some one to shoot the bird first so they can go play fetch!

Cats are just like us -- they’re just little people in form fitting fur coats. I have no idea what dogs are, except that they are smelly, noisy and stupid things on four legs.

So get a cat and send the dog to a nice farm far away from me!

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