Monday, November 8, 2010

Advising or Nagging?

Parents advise, it’s our job and we do it well, even continuing when our children grow up and move on in their lives. You know how to do it: Turn right at that corner; you should buy this it’s better; say Please; don’t yell at the kid, etc. We’re well practiced at it and we never get tired of it. We call it advising, our kids called in nagging. Well we don’t nag do we?

But, the shoe fit’s the other foot too.

Last February Anna and I went to California to visit my Mom, sister and brother. It was a great trip and I had a blast until Anna saw me get my comeuppance. I love my Mom to bits, she’s 85 and still sharp as a tact and she has years and years of experience taking care of her kids - including how to nag, whoops advise, you to death. On a rainy Saturday morning Anna and I took my Mom shopping out there in the desert (wow, there are a lot of stores out there). I drove, Mom sat shotgun and Anna sat in the back seat where she had a find old time listening to my Mom advise her number one son.

You don’t want to go to that market there’s a better one down the street; your going to fast slow down; turn left no right no left at that corner you just passed; put you coat on it’s cold; on and on she advised me and Anna sat in the back seat roaring. All I could do was simmer and say Yes Mom, over and over. I was being nagged (advised) by the best nagger (adviser) ever! After too many years I was getting again what I had been giving my kids for years!

On the plane trip home to Virginia Anna regaled me with her new insights to my life with my Mom. She just enjoyed it too much, much more than I liked. But it’s true - you never get too old to be “advised” by your parents and you have to take it - that’s the rule.

Do I still advise, you betcha! Will I get advised when I visit my Mom again, you betcha! It’s part of the job of being a parent and a child. So advise on my friends AND don’t let anyone call it nagging!

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