Monday, November 8, 2010

There Here!

Well my favorite time of the year is finally here - the Holiday Season! Which of course started with Halloween and Anna’s famous Halloween Pot-Luck and Kiddy Trick-or-Treat.

I should have dressed as Igor the Kitchen Minion chained to my roller chair! Four pounds of Lumpia, five pours of Potato Salad, a pound of Cole Slaw and 48 sticks of Monkey Meat (beef on a stick). I had a little help but I glory in the Bravo Zulu’s I get from everybody who eats the food I fix. Anna did well too making the best BBQ burned beef Brisket ever! Who says accidents can’t be victories!

Next comes the BIG one - Thanksgiving. Now, Thanksgiving is THE holiday in our family, the one we start worrying and planning for in August. This year it is going to be a true trial - without an oven! So there will be our first ever BBQ grilled Turkey and our first ever home smoked Turkey. Keep you fingers crossed. Everything else will be from the range burners including Fried Stuffing - not a real problem since we normally have Fried Stuffing for Thanksgiving breakfast anyway. But it promises to be a very unique meal of Thanks.

Christmas follows and I’m almost have all my gifts finished - yeah for me. We always do something for Christmas Eve, but, I’m never sure what until the last minute. Will probably have a ham for Christmas dinner or maybe a nice rack of lamb this year. I’ll be fixing it because Anna and Erica will disappear to their beds for the day right after the massive mess of present openings. They’ll be more than tired out from all the holiday preps!

Finally, New Year’s which this time actually might be more than watching the Big Ball drop in New York City. The Dynamic Duo need to buy formal dresses for a wedding in mid January and they want to get their monies worth out of them so we might go to one of those fancy New Year’s parties in Norfolk. I can’t wait to try and find a Monkey Suit that will fit me. Shoes too.

So the Holidays are here and I am having fun! Hope everyone I know does the same!

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