Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Numbers

It’s the day after Christmas, Saint Stephen’s Day (the feast day of the first Christian martyr), and it’s time to take a look at the Christmas numbers from yesterday. The big numbers:

Number of batteries put in use was probably enough to run a household with all lights on for a year;

Number of first time calls made on brandy new cell phones was, I’m sure, enough to jam a cell tower or two nation wide;

The number of Chocolate covered Cherries eaten, and not eaten, could probably circumnavigate the globe a few times;

The number of Fruit Cakes turned into door stops was surpassed only by the number of Chocolate cherries above;

Hopefully the number of gift cards given out was enough to make up for the really bad pre-Christmas sales the retailers said they had this year;

The number of “I didn’t get what I wanted” was bigger than “I got what I wanted” and “I got what I wanted” was sure bigger than “I got what I deserved.”

The other big numbers:

Number of unwanted ties given was probably second only to the number given on Father’s Day;

Total number of long distance telephone calls made was second only to those made on Mother’s Day;

Number of Turkey’s and Hams eaten can only be surpassed by the number of Turkey’s eaten on Thanksgiving Day and Hams by the number eaten on Easter Day.

The littlest number: The number of times someone took the time to say “Happy Birthday Jesus!”

Say a prayer for Saint Stephen and remember that tomorrow is the “Feast of the Holy Innocents.”

And, Happy New Year!

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